The work I create is an expression of my beliefs regarding life, death and nature. Reconciling my Christian faith with my personal experiences brings about the views I illustrate. It is when I am alone with my thoughts that I begin to conceptualize the drawings I make. Typically, this occurs during the hours I spend commuting early in the morning, five days a week, to work. In the cold, quiet spaces of the morning, as I stare at the glowing red taillights of the car in front me, I reflect on the dichotomy of the God I was raised to believe in, and the unforgiving chaos of the nature he supposedly created. To investigate this disunion, my drawings employ the use of biblical imagery, personal experience and tales of mortality. The artwork I create is a conversation between the God I still believe in, and myself. In a sense, I view it as a form of prayer. Although my work is extremely personal, I leave it up to the viewer to derive his or her own meaning out of the personal narratives I devise.