Gregory Padgett



The study of making prints fascinates me. I have been drawing and creating illustrations for years, but have always been eager to produce artwork where the quality of the physical artwork is produced with care and an attention to detail. I fell in love with screen-printing the first time I tried it. At first, I was interested in printing illustrations I had already made. But after I set up my own studio, built my own exposure unit and vacuum table and began printing, I started realizing the possibilities of making artwork I could create using the screen-printing technique is something I could not do otherwise.

Through all of the artwork I make, I need to tell stories. The nuance of using an unchanging and unmoving work of art to change, guide, and move the viewer through an adventure, experience or new way of understanding is fascinating to me. And although I enjoy creating artwork for others to experience, truth be told, I make artwork for me. The drawings I make now are directly influenced by the experiences that have grabbed, pulled, and twisted me into the person I am today. This was not always the case, as I have rejected truly expressing myself since January 2008. That is the year my oldest brother committed suicide. The thought of my brother, whom I adored, committing an act of such desperation and loneliness has haunted my waking and sleeping hours. Images and colors have persisted inside me since that terrifying night 9 years ago. Those images have created an unrelenting splinter inside me that I cannot remove. The images of anti-freeze, deep blues, and empty hotel rooms are constantly lurking in the dark spaces of my mind; waiting for a passing thought or memory to spring their suffocating boney hands around my psyche.  For years, I have been ignoring the only way I know how to face this paralyzing and pervading grief; by expressing myself. The one weapon that was given to me, the same weapon that carved through the isolation of my childhood, I have left abandoned. Unused, the weapon’s edges are dull. It is my intention to dive fully into confronting my unresolved past. Fully knowing this journey will challenge me into facing thoughts and memories that I have been suppressing will create dialogue between myself and the medium that is wholly personal and unique.